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Sep 12, 2012

Nothing demonstrates wholehearted devotion to duty like a Border Collie. Born to work, a Border Collie without a job will create one of its own. Generally speaking, these dog generated “jobs” involve things unpalatable to humans; such as chasing off cars, barking at marauding butterflies, and digging emergency evacuation routes under the fence. Given a constructive job to do, the Border Collie will tirelessly stay on task until removed from the scene.

Tam, our Border Collie, is now deaf and no longer actively helps with the sheep. Even so, she runs the fenceline continuously, keeping her eye on the flock grazing the other side. In her world, she’s on the clock and working.

The exact opposite in the canine world is our St. Bernard, Buck. His only chosen occupation is to hold down our deck and watch the world go by. Buck starts out excited when released from the dog pen each morning. He runs with Tam to the fence to make sure the sheep are where they belong. Unlike her, he is immediately distracted by a smell or a sound and wanders off to investigate. Within minutes, Buck has found his way to his customary spot on the deck and converted himself into a large, hairy welcome mat.

 As Christians, we can dig unnecessary escape routes, or we can lie on the deck and watch the world go by. God has given us free will, after all. But how much better to use our lives for a constructive purpose. . .the one God has in mind for us. Caleb followed the Lord fully and waited forty-five years for his reward. His faithfulness and devotion was indeed well rewarded, for his strength never wavered.


Green Willow Pond said...

Ah...Tam and Buck. She is such a polite little lady, waiting patiently for a gentle pat on the head, while turning on the charm with those big eyes. And Buck...well, he's such a guy, loud, like a bull in a china shop, slobbery and big, but equally loving. Gotta love my neighbor dogs. The neighbor's pretty cool too ;)

Rachel Stephenson said...

Dogs are the greatest! I have a Schnoodle, Ozzy, he is a handsome gentelman and wonderful in every way. That's his daily affirmation. He's a therapy dog and loves people!
He's a good example to me as well!