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Aug 27, 2012
The Damascus Way (Acts of Faith, #3)The Damascus Way by Davis Bunn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An enchanting tale of a time long gone, at the birth of Christianity.  To be a Christian meant to risk your life.  Live through it with Julia and Jacob as they seek to find truth in a chaotic world.  Feel the sand and the fear.  See the miracle of Saul's conversion.  Learn the joy of following the Messiah.  I highly recommend this book!
Aug 4, 2012
The Outsider (Shaker Series, #1)The Outsider by Ann H. Gabhart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this story on two levels.  The insight and history of the Shakers was well done.  I appreciated that Ann Gabhart portrayed them fairly, without demonizing or trivializing their beliefs.  While decidedly odd to our modern way of thinking, and most certainly not a Christian sect, the Shakers had some redeeming qualities.  It is nice that they were not portrayed as just another crazy cult.

The second level is the story itself and young Gabrielle's struggle to become the woman God would have her be.  It was easy to sympathize with a heroine who wanted nothing more than to do the right thing.  And it was easy to empathize with the struggle since the right thing is often only clearly visible in our rear view mirror.

An enjoyable read and suitable for any age.  I highly recommend this one. 

Aug 1, 2012
Over the EdgeOver the Edge by Mary Connealy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't think I've ever given an entire trilogy 5 stars before.  But this one deserves it.  No kidding.  And the ending of this third book wraps everything up in a major sigh of satisfaction.  Gotta love that!  We meet Seth in book one, fall a little in love with him in book two, and learn who he really is here in book three.  I love Mary Connealy's characters who aren't the "typical" story heroes.  Seth is such a character.  Read it.  But read the other two first and you'll enjoy it that much more.  (Ethan is still my favorite... but I liked them all!)