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Dec 25, 2009
Rejoice in the day as we celebrate God's love for us, that He sent His only Son to pay the price for our salvation. Praise God! The Babe in a manger, our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord!
Dec 18, 2009
Our family enjoys Christmas. The birth of our Savior is a time for rejoicing! It's a time for family, friends and traditions.

We enjoy playing the songs of the season and favorite old movies. Cutting our Christmas tree is a special event that we look forward to, laughing among the snow laden pines while we work to discover "the tree" for the year.

Christmas Eve service is our favorite part of the holiday. We love to participate in the music.

Time spent with the extended family includes playing board games, laughing and eating too much while savoring every bite.

Sometimes we do silly things, just for fun, like putting antlers on the Border Collie. Why? Because it's Christmas!
Dec 8, 2009
Mingle jumped as the heavy, sliding door rumbled shut behind her. She pushed her way behind Nip's ample backside and peered around the older ewe. Nip gave a snort, pulling her head out of the hay feeder and giving the youngster a cross look.

"Why did she shut the door?" Mingle asked.

"There's a storm coming." Nip mumbled around a mouthful of hay.

"She's never closed the door before when it stormed."

"You haven't seen this kind of storm before." Nip tipped her nose towards the door. "That little bit of snow on the ground is nothing compared to what's coming."

"How do you know?"

"When you've been around as long as I have, you just know." Nip reached back into the feeder for more hay.

"But how do you know?" Mingle nudged Nip for more attention.

Nip sighed, frosty breath making a cloud around her head. "There is a difference in the air. It's hard to explain but you feel it."

Mingle tipped her head to the side and thought about how the air felt. "It seems... lighter?"

Nip nodded and asked, "What do you smell?"

Mingle crinkled her nose and blew a few wuffling breaths. "Hay mostly."

"Come over here." Nip lead the way to the now closed door. "Try again."

Mingle gave the older ewe a dubious look but tried again. Her eyes popped open and she took a few more sniffs, pressing her nose to the door's edge. "It does smell different. Fresher, kind of."

Nip nodded and walked back towards her breakfast. "Remember both the feel and the smell and you'll know when a storm is coming next time."

"What's the big deal about a little more snow?" Mingle asked, following behind.

"Youngling, you ain't seen nothing yet!"
Dec 1, 2009
I've been following Chip MacGregor's blog for awhile now. It's always good reading, but today, he almost cost me a couple of ribs.

He wrote about a book that "won" the title of worst self-published book on the market. The title is "How to Good-bye Depression" with the catchy subtitle of "If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?" He didn't make this up! The book is on

With a title like that, I had to go look at it. Once there, I got sucked into reading the comments left by people who actually spent money on this book. I can't remember when I laughed so hard! If you need a good laugh, by all means, check out these reviews on Amazon. Just wait until you're in a room by yourself because, really, you don't want to have to explain this to anyone else!