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Dec 18, 2009
Our family enjoys Christmas. The birth of our Savior is a time for rejoicing! It's a time for family, friends and traditions.

We enjoy playing the songs of the season and favorite old movies. Cutting our Christmas tree is a special event that we look forward to, laughing among the snow laden pines while we work to discover "the tree" for the year.

Christmas Eve service is our favorite part of the holiday. We love to participate in the music.

Time spent with the extended family includes playing board games, laughing and eating too much while savoring every bite.

Sometimes we do silly things, just for fun, like putting antlers on the Border Collie. Why? Because it's Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you're spot on about the entire Christmas season! Fun is a part of God's gift to us!

We love Christmas Eve service, too, though ours was canceled this year (weather). The intimacy of the service, even when the sanctuary is full, cannot be equaled by a Sunday morning service.

Praying the Christmas Spirit fills your lives all through the year!

Michelle G