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Apr 9, 2010

This old quilt is an example of a greater good. It's made from the scraps of other projects, the leftovers, the parts many people throw away. Those parts, all brought together and arranged in an orderly fashion, become something useful and beautiful.

We're all bits and pieces that God created for a purpose. My purpose is not the same as anyone else's. I am unique. Yet by myself, I can only accomplish that one purpose. When brought together within a fellowship of believers, I can accomplish so much more. When I take my place in the arrangement of my local church, when I fill the spot that needs filling, I become part of a larger whole.

When God looks down on His body of believers, is your scrap, your part, where it should be in His quilt? Do you fill both the purpose He made you for and the spot in the arrangement of His church that He left open for you? It's not always easy and it's not always clear just where our spot is. With prayer and with the help of the church, we can all come together into something useful and beautiful for Him.
Apr 2, 2010
In the last ten months I have filled my aging mind with numerous tidbits of knowledge concerning writing. I have pounded out tens of thousands of words on my sturdy laptop. I have combed the Internet for sources and stumped around my home town looking for more. I have, in short, turned myself into a writer. Not an author, I'm not ready for that yet, but a writer... most definitely.

What I lacked and what I needed to progress to the next level, was a work space. A writing space. A place to go create where my references and materials were close at hand. After several months of work, rearranging and reorganizing, I am now happily ensconced in my new writing space.

It's funny how the little things matter so much. I needed a bulletin board to keep all my notes in front of me. Check. I needed a chair comfortable for the long haul. Check. I needed room to move around and room to put out my reference materials. Check. I needed a floor mat so my chair could move freely on the carpet. Check. I needed a wonderful husband who didn't balk at a single change I was making. Check.

Thank you, Lord, for making all things possible.