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Sep 26, 2012

After acceptance as a resident dorm advisor during my second year of college, I attended a class on empathy training. The class was taught by senior RAs in bell-bottom jeans with perhaps an entire year of authority under their hip hugging belts. We sat cross-legged on the grass and contemplated how we’d use our new empathy skills to further world peace.

A common phrase we collegiate sages tossed around back then was, “What does this mean to you?” It was a handy tool for helping those struggling to “find themselves” on campus. 

Screaming that same phrase at a drunk and belligerent hockey player bent on gaining access to the girl’s dorm by beating down a locked steel door. . .accomplished very little. He had already found himself.

Meanings of things are interpreted by the personal filters we view them through. A warm and fuzzy kitten means comfort and love for one person, while the same kitten represents sneezing and watery eyes to another. A chocolate malt with whipped cream is comfort food for some, and seen only as a hip widener to others. The same tow-headed little boy is viewed as a surrogate grandson by one neighbor and a potential window breaker by the next.

But the Bible is very clear that no prophecy of Scripture is ever open to personal interpretation. We don’t have to worry about what it means to us because the meaning is immovable. We can beat on that door all day and it won’t change a thing. Rock solid. Take-it-to-the-bank reliable. Praise God for His unchanging truth in a world full of variables. . .and reoccurring fashions.


Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

We were so wise back then, weren't we, lol? I remember a professor who I was a TA for (a psych prof), who asked me (after a really difficult experience) "What did you learn from that?" I just blinked at him. What was the meaning of all that--give me a break!!!