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Apr 13, 2011
Not unexpected, but not welcome either. I predict our feed costs will double, as they did last time gas hit $4/gallon. Look for food prices to skyrocket in the coming year. It'll cost more to raise food, harvest food, and get the food to market.

And I think it's high time I trained at least one of our horses to pull that cart stored in the barn. I need a new harness but as things are now, a good harness will cost me less than a full tank of gas. Mr. Ed's IGA has a nice hitching post behind their store. Sorry Wal-Mart, I don't save money if I have to pay gas to get there!


Cecilia Marie said...

Sigh, isn't that the truth! I wish I had a horse, but then, the neighbors would probably complain seeing our lot is barely bigger than the house....maybe a bike?