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Apr 5, 2014
The Pelican Bride (Gulf Coast Chronicles, #1)The Pelican Bride by Beth White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love finding out-of-the-ordinary historical settings that include a great story. This one nails it! Set in what is now Louisiana back when it was under French control, the story starts with a young woman fleeing from Catholic France and the persecution of the Protestant Huguenots. Bound for New France to outrun her secret, Genevieve Gaillain knows she's expected to marry a man she's never met when she arrives. Better that than being executed in France, as her father was.

Tristan Lanier has already lost one wife in the boggy swamps of New France, and he has no intention of choosing another from the women who arrive aboard the Pelican. But he didn't foresee a woman like Genevieve.

The twists, turns, and intrigues that weave between the French, Canadian, and Native Americans will keep the reader guessing what happens next - and who the bad guys really are! Thank goodness this is book one of a series, because it's only whet my appetite for more historical fiction set in this place and era.