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Apr 26, 2014
Welcome to The Sheepish Scribe, Jericha Kingston! I’m glad you were willing to slip on some boots and join me on the farm today. Oh! And doesn’t that lead in nicely to your debut release, Waiting for Lily Bloom? Give us a snippet to set the scene.

Thank you for hosting me, Pegg! I’m thrilled to be here.

         James ran in the direction of the fence. It was no use. Instinctively, his eyes closed, worthless in the blinding storm. The last thing he’d seen was Lily’s thin frame being engulfed by a dust wall that blotted out the sky.
Father, save her.
         “Lily, listen.” He yelled, choking on dust. “Use the fence to walk to me. I’m coming.” He took his handkerchief from his pocket and tied it around his head, protecting his mouth and nose. He gripped the fence railing, quickly sidestepping. Sand pelted him, stinging his skin. A rock flew into his forehead. Warmth oozed down the side of his face.
“Lily, if you hear me, knock on the planks.”
Loud knocks reached his ears in rapid, frantic blows.
“I’m coming for you, Lily. Walk toward my voice. I hear you.” He shouted above the squall. “That’s the way. Keep knocking.”
The knocking beat in his head like a woodpecker, her constant, anxious rapping drawing him nearer. “Almost there. Come to me.”
Craaack. He froze. A tree split, the deafening racket besting Lily’s constant hammering. Wood splintered, groaning as it crashed downward.
Lord, don’t let it fall on Lily.
Time stopped. How big was it? Where would it land? He braced himself for impact. With a whoosh and a thud, the limb collapsed onto the fence.
The wooden plank ripped from his hands.

There was so much despair and destruction surrounding the Dust Bowl years, what prompted you to set this story there?

Precisely because of the turbulence of the era, Pegg. We’ve seen it in our own lives. Devastating events bare us, disclosing our flaws. The setting gave me a slingshot and a mirror. The slingshot propelled the story forward, and the mirror exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the characters.

James has prayed for a wife to help him on the farm and you sent him a big city gal. That was mean, Jericha! Why is Lily the perfect woman for James?

(Laughing) I’m so glad you asked this question. How many times have we prayed for something, only to discover we needed the polar opposite? We’re quick to tell God what we want, but He knows our thoughts, our personalities, every molecule of our being. Lily is perfect for James because she reveals James’s total dependence on the Lord. She increases his faith.

Lily has no thoughts of men or marriage when she travels to visit her aunt and uncle. What is there about James that changes her mind?

Ah, James. I love him. He’s kind and patient. But most of all, he hears Lily. Even though she’s mute, James understands her expressions, her gestures, even her silence. How great is that? A man so attuned to his wife, she can’t help but love him in return.

I was privileged to read this before it Pelican picked it up. They are running it as an Easter novella, but it’s really more than that. It’s a great story of faithfulness, trust, and love. I know readers will connect with James and Lily and enjoy this story!  Tell the readers where they can find the book and how they can connect with you on social media.

Thank you for having me, Pegg! Waiting for Lily Bloom can be found at Pelican Book Group’s web site

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jericha kingston said...

Thank you for hosting me, Pegg! I enjoyed my visit to your farm.

Pegg Thomas said...

Some day I have to get you up here in person. I know - I know - in August only!

jericha kingston said...


Robin Patchen said...

I love this story. The mute heroine is so unique, and James is pretty special himself. I can't wait to read something new from you, Jericha.

Natalie Monk said...

This premise and the characters you've described have me hooked! Great interview!

Pegg Thomas said...

Thanks for joining us today, Natalie! I loved the characters in this story too. :)

chris granville said...

I loved your story I love how you put it together
Have a terrific week
God bless u