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Oct 29, 2012
I have never used this blog for anything political and I hesitate to do so now - except - this was such an eye-opener for me that I felt the need to share it. The Gospel Coalition published an excellent article asking why only pro-life candidates are questioned about their stand on abortion. They suggest in the article 10 thoughtful questions that pro-choice candidates should be asked. I'd love to hear the responses. I think they would tell us much about the candidates. Why should only one side of a debate be required to justify their stance on any issue? Bravo to The Gospel Coalition for making us think!


Melissa said...

Very interesting indeed.

One I definitely don't understand it why murder of a pregnant woman does not equal 2 counts. People say it's a legal slippery slope to consider the baby a person and it could lead to overthrowing Roe vs Wade. But I say the fact (we can assume) the mother wanted the baby should be the focus -- that in a case like that, the 'abortion' of the pregnancy was not her choice. *shakes head* Sometimes what's legal isn't what's logical.

by Pegg Thomas said...

You gotta wonder. I think these are all legitimate questions that should be asked.

Gail S. said...

Thanks for posting this Pegg, it sure makes one wonder doesn't it.