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Sep 28, 2011
My third year at Maranatha is the first year I've been able to relax. My book is written. My job is done. Whether or not it sees publication, I've done what I felt called to do. What a liberating feeling! This year I gave myself permission to *gasp!* skip a few sessions, to slow down, to enjoy the moment and the people. I've volunteered to go in front of the group - twice - and survived both times.

I wish I could describe the worship here. David Teems employs his God-given talents in this area. Words fail me (pitiful lack of expression for a writer) but my spirit soars. Debbie Taylor Williams pumps life into the morning devotional time. Her gift of encouragement to others is inspiring. Her knowledge of the Person of God dwarfs my meager understanding.

Those behind the scenes, working the bookstore, putting out snacks, running the sound equipment, and performing the many other unseen chores are the unsung heroes of the conference. A hearty thank you to each of them. That they can put up with a wallowing hoard of self-absorbed writers and do so with a smile on their faces gives a new level to the word "gracious".

Next year's dates are September 24 - 28. If you're looking for a Christian writers' conference with a heart, look no more. Mark the date and start plopping your pennies in the conference fund jar today. You won't regret it. Oh - and if you see me muttering to myself and frantically cramming in every session I can find next year - you'll know I'm somewhere in the middle of my next novel.


Linda Yezak said...

Oh, it's so close to the ACFW conference, I can't possibly do both! Where is Maranatha held? Is it in the same place every year?

Congrats on all your great news!