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Feb 24, 2010

"Load the .22 and come out here." Hardly the normal greeting I expect when answering the phone. But then, my husband rarely calls me from the barn. Being a dutiful wife, I moved the frying pan off the stove, loaded the .22 and headed out to the barn.

Silhouetted in the barn door, Michael stood keeping our dogs away from a very large possum. The scraggly creature was weaving around in the drive leading to the barn. One look and I knew why he'd called me and kept the dogs away. That possum wasn't healthy. I didn't want to get very close to it myself. I'm a pretty good shot but it was dark except for the light shining out of the barn door and I missed with the first bullet. Chagrined, I moved closer and put the possum down.

Michael disposed of the body while I returned to the house and finished dinner. We sat together, enjoying salmon burgers and salad when it occurred to me that other people might find this rather odd. I asked my husband, "Do you think it's callus that we can put down a possum and fifteen minutes later be sitting here and calmly eating dinner?" His response was, "It's not like we're eating the possum." I married a very wise man.


Nancy (Shady Tree Studio) said...

What a great story Pegg. And not callous at all. Matter of fact, wish we could have done that several years ago when an obviously not well raccoon was hanging out at the bus stop. . . in the daylight. . . and the police couldn't put it down because they wouldn't discharge a firearm in town. Neighbors watched in horror as he got a wire 'round its neck and strangled it. I like your way much better. Not only do you have to protect yourselves and your animals, but you did that poor possum a favor.

Love your husband's response ;) .