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Feb 7, 2010
I need some butt glue. What?! Did she really type that? What is she talking about? Do I really want to know? Just to put you at ease, dear reader, it has nothing to do with any natural crack in that region of my anatomy.

I need to glue my butt to my writing chair. You see, writing comes very easy to me. I sit down, start typing and pretty soon pages and pages are full. The problem is... I can't type until I SIT DOWN in my chair.

Some part of me always needs to be in motion. My hands, my mouth, my feet... or all three which is even better! Michael teases me for pacing when I talk on the phone. Not just a little moseying around, I cover the house from stem to stern. Walking, talking and gesturing with my hands... I'm a happy camper. Sitting down and facing my computer isn't something I look forward to even though I enjoy writing.

It's a little like Sunday mornings before church. You know what I mean. You've been there. It's a gorgeous morning, or a rainy one, or it snowed last night and the roads are slick. The reasons not to go are numerous. But once you walk through the doors of the church, you can't imagine not being there.

For me getting started, putting my butt in the chair and keeping it there, is the hardest part of writing. Maybe if I talked Michael into installing a seat belt on my La-z-boy..., "Honey!"


Clint Daniel said...

I have the same problem when talking on the phone. Often, I pace around the house. Probably because it settles the ADD inside, plus if I need to make a daring escape...

Anonymous said...


Too funny!

And too true!

I usually type sitting down, but my computer is on a drafting table, so I can type standing up if I want to. I do that quite a bit and it provides a break from all that sitting.

But what it sounds like you really need is a wireless microphone and voice recognition software. Imagine it!

You're hooked up to your computer, but still free to wander around. You dictate to your computer while you're doing housework (of course you have 'hands free'!). You dictate while you're gardening or sheering sheep or processing wool or, or, or....

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Why, you could even call your computer on the telephone and kill two birds with one stone!

Seriously, the hardest thing about writing is getting started, no matter how you write. There's some invisible barrier that is the first hurdle to overcome in every writing day.

You'd think, after so long, we'd learn to ignore it and just get busy.

Thanks for the good post! I needed it today!

Best wishes,