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Feb 10, 2010

It's been a snowing, blowing kind of northern Michigan day. Nothing out of the ordinary, just February being February, you understand. The wind shifted at some point from east-northeast to north-northwest. When that happens, we get a substantial amount of drifting in the barnyard. I suppose the logical progression of events should be removing the drifts before starting chores under these circumstances. But one really can't look into the soulful eyes of a hungry horse and tell him to wait, now can one?

In foul weather we carry the horse hay out into their shelter. Tonight there were two large drifts between the main barn and the gate to our horse paddock. With a scant half bale of alfalfa hay, weighing roughly 25 pounds, balanced securely on my left shoulder, I cleared the first drift easily. I stepped over the second drift that reached well above my knees and my right foot came down on the other side. The other side which consisted of a thin layer of snow covering a firm base of ice.

Watching my right knee twist sideways and my right foot lodge under the wooden fence, I deliberately pitched forward to prevent alfalfa chaff from getting into my eyes as the hay came crashing down on top of me. It took me only a moment to get my foot retrieved and climb gingerly back to my feet. It appeared everything was still in working order, so I gathered up the hay and finished chores.

Back in the house, I stripped out of my chaff-laden clothing and headed for the shower to get rid of the rest of the hay, including that which had taken up residence in my ear. Now here I sit, leg elevated, knee iced and rethinking the whole issue of a hungry horse with soulful eyes. You know... I think he could have waited after all.


Terra said...

Ouch. I hope you heal quickly, and I know your horse does too :)
I saw a comment by you on so came over here to say hi.
Brrr, no global warming in sight.

Anonymous said...

Be careful Pegg! I might have done the same thing as you - but after fracturing my wrist and foot in a tumble in my entryway ( October 2009 ) - well - let's just say I'm cautious. Hope you are feeling better soon. Best wishes with your writing, which I very much enjoy.
Debzi333 aka Deborah

Janet said...

Oh My!!!! I'll bet you're feeling as wonderful as I am after falling in the driveway as I was finishing up with the snowblower. OUCH! Right on my buttinski....At our advancing age we must be more careful.....Hope your knee is doing better than my backside.....

Anonymous said...

Well, my friend... how long will it take before you realize that soulful eyes will only bring you pain!? Sorry about the tumble but so glad that the injuries were minor and, presumably, that you were able to remove the chaff from your ear!

Michelle G