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Jan 17, 2012
Every family has special birthday traditions and almost all of them involve cake. Our family is no exception. My darling husband does his best to spoil me in every way on my birthday. He knows that my favorite cake is angel food. Not that nasty box mix stuff or some sticky imitation from the store, I love mine made from scratch. The very thought freshens my salivary glands.

My husband has a different reaction…he starts to sweat. Once a year, homemade angel food cake takes on the proportions of Mount Rushmore for him. The idea of separating a dozen eggs whites from both their yolks and their shells looms as the most daunting of challenges. The recipe card printed with “folding” and “stiff peaks” and something as foreign as “cream of tartar” trembles in his calloused hand.

But he does it. He worries and fusses and leaves more fallout in the kitchen than a small nuclear bomb, but he does it. Why? Because it matters. It matters more to him than it does to me because it’s an expression of his love for me.

Stepping outside our comfort zone for the sake of a loved one is a risk. We risk failure and looking foolish. We risk disappointing the one we want to please and impress. Oh, but the rewards we stand to gain!

If we fail, our loved one will appreciate the effort and the love behind our actions. If we look foolish we can share a moment to laugh together. Both scenarios are good for the growth of the relationship. If we achieve our goal we make our loved one feel special, cared for, and cherished. What price can we put on that?

If we love Christ, we may be called to move outside our comfort zone for Him. Are we willing to step out on faith, putting ourselves in a position to fail or look foolish? If Christ is the One we’re trying to please, to show our love for, then only His reaction to our attempts matter. Opportunities to leave our comfort zone for Him are opportunities to grow the most important relationship we’ll ever have.

I know how adorable my sweetheart is, standing in the kitchen amid a mushroom cloud of flour with powdered sugar on his chin. Imagine how adorable we appear to Christ when we step out on faith to please Him. It might be messy, we might fail, we might look foolish to those around us, but in His eyes…we’re adorable.


Gail S. said...

So true!

Carol Peterson said...

And this was an adorable post, Pegg!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Love this! (Still coming late to the party, but better late than never, right?) Happy Birthday, Pegg. I love Angel Food cake too! You are blessed to have such a loving husband and family!

by Pegg Thomas said...

Thanks, Cecilia! I am blessed and I know it... and I love it!

From Carols Quill said...

Pegg--in line with celebrations...

I just received the Liebster Blog award and am passing it on to you and 4 others from CW. You can get the award picture off my site and plaster it onto yours. Forward it on to 5 others to encourage them. I hope you feel encouraged by this. I've really been enjoying your blog and wanted you to know!

I will have my post up Friday morning (tomorrow) with your name and link to your blog for my readers to find you.

by Pegg Thomas said...

How fun! I'll keep it going and post 5 more blogs as well. I'll post it after the 29th when my "quest" day is over.