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Jul 3, 2011
A shepherd keeps careful count and searches for missing sheep. As stated before, sheep have no natural defenses. They are easy marks for any passing carnivore or mischievous neighborhood delinquent. A good shepherd is vigilant that all are accounted for, and if not, goes in search of those missing.

Not far off the west edge of our property is a swamp that sings. We hear it at night, mostly, after the moon opens up in the sky. It starts as a high-pitched wail not dissimilar to a siren and evolves into multiple high-pitched yappings. We've seen scruffy looking critters slinking in and out of that swamp. A loaded rifle is usually within reach of the kitchen door for just those sightings.

In the spring when the lambs are small I am particularly vigilant about counting heads at least once a day. To date we've yet to lose a lamb to a coyote. God bless the electric fence! We've heard the snap-crack of a wet nose hitting the fence followed by frantic yapping.

We did have a sheep that was missing in pasture a few years ago. I went looking until I found her. She had fallen and injured her back. That case didn't turn out well, but at least we could put her out of her misery.

Our Shepherd keeps track of us. "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10

It's not that the Lord doesn't know where we are, either physically or spiritually. He does - all the time. Those who try to hide from God find that the fig leaves are never big enough. What He seeks is our salvation, our names written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I think He keeps a rifle loaded by the kitchen door too... to keep away those who would tinker with His chosen.