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Mar 17, 2011
Fayette: A Time to Love (Great Lakes Romances Series, Volume 8)Fayette: A Time to Love by Donna Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Undoubtedly the best self published book I've read so far. Donna Winters does a wonderful job of telling the story of young Lavinia while giving us insights into the lives and times of upper Michigan in the 1860s. I've been to the ghost town of Fayette and through her writing Mrs. Winters brought the place to life. She told about the pig iron furnaces and life in the shanty cabins without interrupting the flow of the story. She does an exceptional job of combining accurate history with a sweet romance. The character of Lavinia was so accurately portrayed that at times her actions annoyed me, and then I would remember that she was a 16-year old girl. Mrs. Winters did an excellent job of writing that character for her age, social position, and time in history. This is a book suitable for any age with a clear and yet unobtrusive Christian spirit. I highly recommend it.


Fred said...

From Donna Winters (sharing her husband Fred's email account and looking like him in this comment).

My humble thanks for this stupendous review! As a writer and publisher I covet reader feedback. This review brings me to my knees in thanks to the Lord for His marvelous gift of encouragement! You are truly His servant!

Donna Winters

Carrie Fancett Pagels, Ph.D. said...

Wow, I want to read that, and thanks for the great post! Being from the U.P., I am really curious. Donna, thanks for writing it!