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May 17, 2010
This year, the first five and half months of it, have proven difficult for me health-wise. Fighting off one virulent germ after another, or so I thought, it appeared I had slain the final dragon... until last Tuesday. Despite my determination to remain healthy, the dreaded germ reared its ugly head once more.

In an unusual move for me, I visited my doctor the next day. Apparently I have been fighting the very same germ over and over without fully conquering it. As a result, it percolated in my lungs and festered into a case of pneumonia.

Ordered to go home and stay there, armed with industrial strength antibiotics and herbal teas, I prepared myself to whip this nuisance in record time. Yeah. I've never had pneumonia before and was woefully uneducated concerning what would follow. I'll spare all the details of expelling noxious bodily fluids and sizzling fevers to mention that the sounds emanating from my chest could only be described as the death throes of an aging bagpipe.

My plans to plant the garden Saturday came and went. Ditto for Sunday. Ditto for today, Monday. But I think I'll be back at work tomorrow and hopefully in my garden by week's end.


K.M. Weiland said...

Yuck. So sorry to hear you're feeling crummy. This is the first year in memorable history that I haven't spent a least month with a nasty cold/flu bug. Last year, I was sick for months, so I don't envy your situation right now! Get better soon!