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Sep 6, 2009

“Why is she walking like that?” Dance watched the shepherd hobble to the barn.

“I've seen her move like this before.” Nip tucked her front legs under her and collasped into a wooly heap in the shade of the old willow. “She looks like this after shearing in the spring and in the fall.”

“But we haven't been sheared,” Dance pointed out.

“Obviously.” Nip directed an annoyed glance at her daughter.

“So why is she walking like that?”

Nip asked, “Did you not smell the air yesterday?”

“Something smelled funny coming from the farmhouse. That's why we stayed out back, behind the pond.” Dance frowned. “I would rather have been here, under the willow where it's cooler and the breeze always blows.”

“That smell was paint.” Nip nodded sagely. “You haven't smelled it before, but I have. The shepherd uses paint to color things. It smells bad for a short time.”

“Is it the smell that makes her walk so funny and tilt to one side?”

“No, it's her muscles. When she shears us, she uses muscles that get stiff and sore. Putting on paint must do the same thing. That's what makes her move so funny.” Nip burped up a cud to chew.

Dance asked, “Then why does she put on the paint?”

Nip mumbled around her mouth full. “Perhaps the farmhouse needs paint as much as we need shearing.” She shrugged her shoulders a little, getting more comfortable and closed her eyes, ending the discussion.

Young Dance watched the shepherd as she hobbled back to the house from the barn. Humans are odd creatures, all in all.


K.M. Weiland said...

LOL This young lamb sounds suspiciously like a few young people I can think of!

Kim said...

A beautiful story.

It reminds me of someone who just got done painting her kitchen.

by Pegg Thomas said...

Gee, Kim... I wonder who that would be??? ;)