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Sep 3, 2009
I love the word 'genre.' It's fun to say and makes you sound educated and refined. But what does it mean?

Christian author Gilbert Morris boils it down to the bare bones. His definition of genre is, “kind of.” It's the kind of book, the kind of movie, or the kind of play.

When I think about the books I read, I find that I'm all over the map. I read romance, contemporary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, historical romance, non-fiction, biographies, cookbooks, cereal boxes and junk mail.

Do you have a favorite genre? Leave me a comment and let me know what you're reading!


Louis Edwards said...

I enjoy fiction, science fiction, some romance. Some of my favorites authors are: Ted Decker, Frank Pretti, Myers, and others.


cpotrykus said...

lets see, forensic serial killer genre, grace livingston hill books,specifically, but not that particular genre, in general, also loved the poisenwood bible, great book, but not sure what genre it would fall into...

Kim said...

Let's see.....I read historical romance, Janet Evanovich, Janelle Taylor, Hannah Howell, Fern Michaels, and the Twilight Series.

I love romance and something with a little comedy in it.

Anonymous said...

What genre do I read? Genres is the correct term - I read a lot of kinds. General fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, legal fiction (think John Grisham), history, spiritual growth, biographies, autobiographies, and more. Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, John Grisham, Orson Scott Card, Clive Cussler - I don't need any more favorite authors! Civil War history, Revolutionary War history, WW 1 & 2 history... so much conflict in the world! I can't wait to get my new glasses so that I can read again! - MichelleG