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Jul 10, 2015
Irish Meadows (Courage to Dream #1)Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this story on many levels. One - which struck me as I read through it - was the Catholic background of the Irish immigrants. So many times we see that aspect of the Irish glossed over or shoved under the rug. But it was such an integral part of who they were. It brought the level of historical authenticity of this story up a whole notch.

The characters are intriguing and complex. These aren't cookie-cutter ethnic characters. They have backgrounds, faults, ambitions and goals. It's a fairly large cast and the author did a great job with all of them. These are the type of people you wouldn't mind renting a room to.

There are snippets of history slipped in all throughout the story. I always love that.

And it has horses. Lots of horses! (Okay - I'm biased, I admit it.)

This is book number one of the series Courage to Dream. I'm looking forward to book number two. And I'm feeling a little smug that I figured out who book two is going to be about before I read the author's note at the back of the book. HA!


Susan Anne Mason said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! And kudos to you for figuring it out!!
I didn't even like (him who shall not be named) until I started writing book 2! Now he's one of my favorites!
Susan :)

Pegg Thomas said...

That being the case ... I'm really looking forward to book #2!