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Jun 23, 2015
Masterpiece Marriage (Quilts of Love)Masterpiece Marriage by Gina Welborn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love quilting and history, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with this one. The creation of the crazy quilt, as they were done back in the day, was beautifully embedded in the story. The rich color and textures came alive under the characters clever fingers. Very well done!

Mary Varrs has a mission she needs to complete and a deadline looming in front of her. Zenus Dane has a flooded textile mill full of partially damaged bolts of fabric. Mary's neighbor - also Zenus's aunt - holds the key to both of them getting what they want. But will either get what they think in the end?

Truly a fun romance between the main characters and some very strong secondary characters (I love those!). I'm dinging it one star because the dialogue was very modern and I quite often forgot I was reading a historical piece. It doesn't harm the story, but if you're a history geek at all, it was a bit disconcerting. If you love quilts - read it for that alone!