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Jun 9, 2015
A Place Called Bliss (Saskatchewan Saga, #1)A Place Called Bliss by Ruth Glover
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A saga of a two families who leave Scotland to make their way in the growing territories of Canada. Sophia and Hugh Galloway, being of noble lines with deep pockets, settle in Toronto and build a mansion to rival what they left behind. Mary and Angus Morrison left Scotland for a better life, a chance to be successful away from the hierarchy of the old country. They settled in the western bush territory, where land was free if one was tough enough to prove it out. But through the years, the two families remained connected.

From the hardship of crossing the Atlantic to the struggle to survive on frontier, the reader is treated to numerous historical insights. Delightful details about how the upper class would dress, their mannerisms, their outings, all combine to give the reader a look back in time.

The story is good and the plot is engaging, but the it meanders quite a bit and drags on in places. Told in the omniscient point of view, the book reads more like a classic of old. The characters lack the intimate depth modern readers are accustom to.

If you like epic stories that cover more than one generation with excellent historical references, this might be the book for you.