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Jun 11, 2014
BelovedBeloved by Robin Lee Hatcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Picked off the orphan train and raised by the kindly Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Diana Brennen is swept off her feet by handsome and wealthy Tyson Applegate. No more than a pawn in the game of frustrating his father, Tyson abandons Diana and travels the world, only to disappear on the battlefield in far off Cuba.

The day before the courts will declare Tyson Applegate legally dead, and the day before Diana will announce her engagement to Brook Calhoun, Tyson walks in on her dinner party.

He claims to be changed. She vows she will not be used again. His father hates her. Her mother distrusts him. An orphan boy, a stray cat, and a scraggly dog round out a household in chaos. Only God can bring order and calm to the Applegates.

Engaging characters and interesting story. There are multiple flashbacks to the past which,while they fill in background, I found occasionally hard to follow in the beginning. Hang with it though, it comes together well in the end.