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Jun 4, 2014
A Place in His Heart (The Southold Chronicles, #1)A Place in His Heart by Rebecca DeMarino
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A heart-tugging story of love and sacrifice. Mary Langton marries widower Barnabus Horton knowing he doesn't love her. He wants a mother for his two young boys and makes her no promises of love. But she loves him and is willing to be the wife he needs, even if it means never being the wife he loves. She follows him across the ocean to the New World of America, leaving her family behind, still hoping that one day he'll grow to love her.

This story spans ten years and the underlying story - which is subtle - is the persecution of the Puritans by the Anglican Church, which led to thousands of Puritans sailing for the New World. The era is well portrayed and the dialog reflective of time. I enjoyed that historical aspect very much.

The characters are real and likable, well suited to both the era and the story. I was surprised at the end to learn that the characters were real! The story is fictitious, but the characters are from the author's family tree. How fun is that?!