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Mar 17, 2014
Candle in the Darkness (Refiner's Fire, #1)Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Completely engrossed within minutes.

Lynn Austin is a wizard at painting historical scenes. She transports the reader into the heart of Virginia before the Civil War. We meet characters all across the spectrum of life in the South. Her characters are so rich, multi-layered, and very human.

Caroline Fletcher's mother suffered from a mental disorder. Her father was often away. An only child, she was raised by the family's slaves and she came to love and trust much or more than she did her parents.

Sent to Pennsylvania to stay with relatives after her mother's death, she is introduced to the abolition movement. Her eyes opened, she returns to Virginia and sees her loved ones in a different light. She also meets Charles St. John.

As the Civil War approaches, Charles prepares to join the fight. Caroline - quite unprepared - finds herself on the other side of the war.

The story unfolds as Caroline is torn between not only right and wrong, but between those she loves. Fascinating tale and well worth the read.


Melissa said...

Wow. This DOES sound like a good one.
Thanks for another great review. :)

Pegg Thomas said...

It is, Melissa! It's actually book 1 in a series. I read book 3 years ago and loved it. I'm finally getting around to reading the rest of the series. They are completely stand-alone stories, but they involve some of the same characters.