Feb 2, 2014

The Widow of Larkspur Inn

The Widow of Larkspur Inn (Gresham Chronicles #1)The Widow of Larkspur Inn by Lawana Blackwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A refreshingly different novel. Julia Hollis discovers - the hard way - that her husband had gambled away the family's fortune. Alone except for one loyal maid, with three children to raise, and no skills for employment, she sets her mind to building a future from a dilapidated inn the solicitors couldn't sell.

I picked this book up because it was a free e-book and I received a tablet for Christmas. Quite likely, I'd never have discovered it otherwise.

Wonderful characters with delightfully different personalities, including some who are downright quirky. Julia's struggles, disappointments, and successes will keep the reader turning each page - or zipping a finger across the screen. Nicely illustrated life lessons are tucked organically between the pages. I highly recommend this one and look forward to reading the sequels.


  1. I enjoyed this book too. I read it last year.

  2. There are more in the series and I'm sure I'll read them all when my "to read" pile thins out a bit. Right now, I'm drowning in books to read. What a burden... ;)