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May 16, 2012

The unusual contortion of my son’s face was my first clue. His cereal bowl hung suspended under his chin. His jaw elongated below closed lips. His eyes attempted to abandon ship.
“Did you put the lamb’s milk replacer on your cereal?” I asked.
Arms and legs flailing, he managed a mad dash out the back door where he heaved his meager breakfast over the edge of the deck. When I could control my spasmic middle and had wiped the tears from my eyes, I was quite impressed he achieved this feat without spilling a drop on the kitchen floor.
The night before, I mixed a double batch of milk replacer for our orphan lamb. The only container I found big enough to hold it was an empty milk jug. Knowing this could be mistaken, I dutifully wrote “Milk Replacer” in thick black marker on all sides of the jug. This apparently wasn’t good enough for my sleepy-eyed son.
He accused me of trying to poison him. I assured him that if 8 ounces didn’t kill a 12-pound lamb, one mouthful – thoroughly ejected – wasn’t going to poison a 225-pound adult man. He was less than mollified and not at all amused.
Achan (Joshua - chapter 7) took the things forbidden by God purposefully. He and his family paid a terrible price. But we can also grab on to things accidentally that will strain our relationship with God. By not paying attention to what we are consuming, we leave ourselves open to unholy thoughts. A television program, a magazine, a book – all innocent diversions we enjoy – hold the potential to expose us to spiritually harmful things.
My son came away with a bad taste in his mouth for his inattention. Inattention in other areas can be far more damaging. Be careful what you consume.


Linda Yezak said...

Oh, dear, I can just picture him making a mad dash for the door! I hate to laugh at his misfortune, but, really, he did bring it on himself, didn't he?

by Pegg Thomas said...

That he did! It's been a couple of weeks now and he can finally laugh about it too. ;)

From Carols Quill said...

Alas, guys can't seem to see anything well if it's sitting in the fridge. Great story and wonderful photo.

by Pegg Thomas said...

Thanks, Carol! That photo is from last year. The little ewe is named Millie and she's still here... just a lot larger now. :)