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Mar 22, 2012
Love Finds You in Nazareth, PennsylvaniaLove Finds You in Nazareth, Pennsylvania by Melanie Dobson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The idea of marriage by lot drew me to read this book.  The whole idea of selecting and marrying someone based on a drawing is fascinating and more than a little... weird.  The story, however, is much more than that.

My heart broke for Suzanna several times as she follows what she believes is the Lord's leading and His will in her life.  It's not easy for her for many reasons - no spoilers! - but she is steadfast.  She is a bit of a tragic figure, but not in a victim type of way. 

Christian, her husband, is another matter altogether.  He is shallow and self-centered at the beginning of the story and the people around him suffer for it.  He doesn't work through that without getting beat up a little along the way.  Kinda like... real life!

The culture within the Moravian church was - how best to say it - very foreign to what we know now.  I could not have lived like that.  No way!  But I can see how people would find comfort and community within it.  It wasn't for the free spirit types, though, not by a long straw!

I enjoyed the subplot involving the Christian Indians as much as the major storyline.  Well written and with interesting characters on both sides of the fence.  I highly recommend this one for older teens and up. 


Laura Frantz said...

Pegg, LOVE that sheep header:) I became a wee bit acquainted with sheep and Briards my last novel. And I've been wanting to read this particular book so appreciate the commentary. It's good to get to know you a bit better. Thanks again for your CQ comments!

by Pegg Thomas said...

Thanks, Laura! That is a photo I took a couple of years ago. The matriarch ewe, Nip, is the one baaing in the foreground. Old Nip is gone now, and she was my favorite, so it's special to me. If you ever have sheep questions... you know where to find me. :)