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Nov 4, 2009

Mingle picked up her hooves in a delicate, mincing step over the crispy, frosted grass. "I'm cold and my breakfast is too."

"It's going to get a lot colder soon." Holly shook her head, her white ears tinged a pale blue from the cold.

Mingle shivered. "Why did the shepherd take our wool away if it's going to get colder?" Her short, black fleece shone in the weak, early morning light.

Holly closed her eyes half way and looked across to the barn. "It's like this every fall. My momma told me it's because the shepherd needs our wool more than we do in the winter months."

"Why does she need it?"

"She grows no wool of her own. She needs ours to keep her warm in the winter."

Mingle looked towards the farm house and thought about that for a moment. She pictured the shepherd covered with long, curly black fleece. "She'll look funny in my wool."

Holly snorted and gave a sheepy grin to the younger ewe. "She doesn't cover herself with wool, exactly. She does something to it to make it into those things she pulls over her body. The bulky things that cover her arms too."

Mingle stamped a foot on the frosty ground and stalked back towards the barn. "I wish she would have left my wool alone!"

"Don't be silly." Holly said, following her young friend. "You wouldn't enjoy all that heavy fleece coming lambing time."

"Lambing time?" Mingle stopped short and Holly almost walked into the back of her. "What's lambing time?"

Holly shook her head. "You'll find out."


MY Inky Fingers said...

Mingle is lovely! Should I make her a wool sweater?

Anonymous said...

Love it! From "I'm cold and so is my breakfast" to "What's lambing time?" I love when your sheep carry on these fascinating conversations!