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Nov 24, 2009
Do you want to stop all conversation going on around you? Do you want all eyes in the room focused on you? Do you want people to take a step back and give you some space? This is easily accomplished by uttering a simple little sentence, "I need to get home and cut up a deer."

Our son brought home a nice sized spike buck last Tuesday. Being the thoughtful young man that he is, he hung it up in the garage before beating a hasty retreat back to college. The usual collection of friends and neighbors stopped by that first night to "ooh" and "aah" over this particular example of nature's bounty. The next night, however, there was nobody in sight. It was time to start cutting and wrapping.

Perhaps people are too squeamish these days to lend a hand cutting up a carcass. Or perhaps they are leery of a wild-haired, empty nesting, menopausal woman wielding a large knife. It's hard to say.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm not afraid of you, no matter how big the knife is! Of course, we menopausal women stick together!

Michelle G