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Oct 5, 2009
I've often heard it said that one should, "write what you know." This makes sense, especially for my first attempt at a novel. So it's no surprise that my story involves some rural living. Tonight I was banging out more of my story when I mentioned a pair of African Geese named Abner and Abby. Well that's great, I know about African Geese... sort of. How tall are they? Dang!

The Internet is a great research tool. Research is vital to creating a good story. Just because I don't know how tall an African Goose is, I can't assume that my readers won't know. So tonight I Googled away, cross referencing in a couple of different places, and I learned more about African Geese than I will ever use in my story.

The downside to this is that I found them quite intriguing fowl. We've never had geese on the farm. Yet. "Michael, honey..."