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Oct 22, 2009

This week has been filled with more reading than writing. I've spent an inordinate amount of time at There is a wealth of information there about how to structure a story for the best "story telling" effect. If you are writing or planning to write, I highly recommend visiting there for a week or so. I know I'll be back to see what else I can learn from Larry Brooks. I appreciate his humor and interesting examples that keep the articles fun, not dry and boring.

What started me on my reading venture was a book I read last weekend. It is written by a well known author and it sold very well. However, in all honestly, I didn't think it was all that well "written." Despite the fact that the writing wasn't anything exceptional, the story was compelling and well told. This confirmed what I've often thought about good books. Readers will ignore or forgive mediocre writing as long as the story is gripping and is told in an engaging way.

This isn't to say that lazy writing, poor grammar or weak sentences should be acceptable. I still want to do my best, writing a tight, well worked story, but now I feel better prepared to tell that story in a way that readers will enjoy. I want my readers to set the book down with a sigh of satisfaction. That, I think, is a wonderful goal to have.


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Nancy (Phantom) said...

Well said, Pegg! More than once I've set aside a book because of the poor, uninspired writing. . . at first, I would feel guilty to have 'given up' but later I'm always quite satisfied to reserve those precious hours for something more deserving.

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Pegg! Thanks for sharing your sheep stories and so much more here :).