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Mar 4, 2015
Anna's Crossing (An Amish Beginnings #1)Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful story about a reluctant, yet brave, young woman who leaves her family behind to face the New World. Anna Konig agrees to travel to Penn's Woods with part of her Amish community as their only English-speaking representative.

Beautifully written story with details that bring this 1737 adventure to life. If you suffer from seasickness, you may have to be careful! It's that compelling. The rigors of the journey, the fears, the disease, but underlying it all - the hope in God to see them through.

Anna wants to see their friends settled and return to her grandparents in Germany. She doesn't expect to meet Bairn, a handsome sailor who tugs at her heart. But everything isn't as it seems. Greed and lies sail on the ship with the Amish immigrants. What will happen when the truth comes out?