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Nov 26, 2012
As the fiscal cliff approaches, it's disconcerting to watch our elected officials scramble around like water on a hot frying pan to get "something" done.

I'd rather they slow down and get the right answer instead of the harried one.  I'd rather pay some taxes while they work out the issues than see another Band-Aid slapped on a cardiac patient.

Let's take some time and see what's happening over in Greece, shall we?  Let's learn from someone else's mistakes before we crash in and make our own.

Taxing the rich will not fix our financial problems.  We don't have enough rich people.  Let's be honest.  The middle class will have to pay for the spending orgy we've been indulging in.  It's always been that way and it always will be. 

Most of the wealth in this country is held in the middle class.  It's spread thin among many more people, but it is where the money resides.  And it's where the government will have to go to pay off the obscene debt we now owe.

My question is this, before they raise our taxes - and they will - are our elected officials going to do anything to stop their irresponsible spending and rein in the unsustainable government programs that are sucking us dry?

I want to be able to look my grandchildren in the eyes and know that I handed them an America as great as the one my WWII era grandparents handed me.


Melissa said...

I'm frustrated, too, Pegg. :(

by Pegg Thomas said...

Watching the news today is like watching a train wreck. You don't want to see it but you can't make yourself look away. I have no faith in the elected in D.C. right now. None. I'd so like to be surprised!