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Apr 21, 2012
Her Rodeo Cowboy (Love Inspired) (Mule Hollow Homecoming, #1)Her Rodeo Cowboy (Love Inspired) by Debra Clopton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fun romp around the barrels in this rodeo romance. Though neither is looking for love, Montana and Luke run smack-dab into it. I love how clueless Luke is at the beginning. So very... male. But with the help of the local "posse" of matchmakers, he gets it figured out. The interaction between Montana and Luke is fun and feisty. A good read to relax and unwind with, suitable for any age interested in romance.


Melissa said...

I'd read that book from one look at the hero alone. Nice cover. :)

by Pegg Thomas said...

It's not hard on the eyes, that's for sure. ;)

Lou Barba said...

Hi Pegg,

I did read the book and enjoyed it as well. It presents a wholesome outlook on a subject that so many people have anything but a wholesome attitude. Thanks for sharing your take on the story.

Lou Barba