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Nov 23, 2011

You are responsible for the Thanksgiving dinner pies and you find your cupboard free of lard. What do you do? This happened to me today and I did the logical thing. I pulled a ten-pound package of ground hog fat out of my freezer and rendered a new batch of lard the day before Thanksgiving. You don’t have ground hog fat in your freezer! You need to get out more.
Those of you who are wincing at the whole idea of lard, don’t. It’s all natural, fully digestible, and eco-friendly. And it makes the best pie crust on earth – period. Why do you think Grandma’s pies were so much better than Mom’s? (Please refrain from nodding if you are reading this while seated next to Mom.)
Oh, sure, I could have run to the store, burning up gasoline and polluting the atmosphere, to purchase shortening which is highly processed and only semi-digestible, but I went back to the basics. The result? Fabulous pies to present to my family on Thanksgiving Day.
Instead of reaching for the shortcut, we often get a better result when we go back to the basics. Hebrews 12:2 says we should be “fixing our eyes on Jesus.” That’s the best example of getting back to the basics.
When you reach into your spiritual cupboard and find it lacking, pull your Bible out of the freezer (or wherever you store it these days) and spend time in His Word. By reading, absorbing, and living according to the basics of scripture, we can create something fabulous. And it’s all natural, fully digestible and eco-friendly too.


Carol said...

So glad I stumbled on to your place! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Good job!! Just the right touch of humor. ;)

Great Lakes Romances said...

Great piece and deserving of publication in a bulletin insert. I'm thrilled for you! I wish you many more writing successes, and pie successes, too!

Marianne Evans said...

Great job, Pegg!!! Congrats and blessings!

SHARLENE said...

What a great blog, Pegg - and DEFINITELY worthy of publication! (((Hugs)))

Keith Wallis said...

ground hog fat ! which shelf is that on at the supermarket - or do I have to import it ?
Crack(l)ing artical Sheepy.