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Aug 24, 2009

"What's she doing?" Mindy craned her neck for a better look, ears perked forward to catch any sound.

"I can't tell from here." EweNika moved forward with Mindy shadowing her until they stood by the fence bordering the back yard.

"She's still not moving. She hasn't even looked up." Mindy cocked her black head sideways. "Listen, what's that sound?"

"It sounds like the big beetles clicking across the cement barn aisle, only faster." EweNika watched the shepherd's fingers skittering over the open, thin gray box on her lap.

"Do you think she's got beetles in that box?"

"Don't be silly!" EweNika pulled her ears back and looked down her regally arched nose at Mindy. "She hates the beetles, you know she stomps every one she finds."

Mindy gave her a sheepish look. "You're right, what was I thinking?"

"That box must be very heavy." EweNika watched the shepherd, sitting under the largest willow, hunched over the box. "She hasn't moved for an hour. It must be holding her down."

"Yes, she never sits still that long."

"I've noticed she's been spending less time around the pasture lately." EweNika shook herself, starting with her head and continuing down her body, sending the white wool dancing over her back. "It's nothing for us to worry about. It's just a box."

Mindy watched the younger ewe walk away before turning back to look at the shepherd. "I'm not so sure..."


Carol G. said...

Love it!

by Pegg Thomas said...

It's not like I think my sheep talk behind my back or anything... really... oh! You've heard them too?

Anonymous said...

Great job, Pegg! I can totally believe that the sheep talk behind your back! In fact, I'm sure ALL our animals talk behind our backs!

So what's the box? ;-)

By the way, kudos for taking the leap! I'm proud of you, my friend!

Michelle Goodrich

Lorien Clark said...

So what is in the box? You've left me hanging on the edge of my seat.

Maggie Woychik said...

A laptop computer, you sillies. :)

Great job, Peg!